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  • Posted: Jan 5, 2017
    SURTC staff will be participating in next week's Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. SURTC director Jill Hough will be moderating a session titled Case Studies and Surveys of Transit Needs in Rural Communities on Tuesday January 10, 3:45 PM - 5:30 PM. This session will feature... [More Info]
  • Posted: Dec 2, 2016
    A new study published by SURTC investigates the nexus of transit and rural livability by conducting case studies in the North Dakota communities of Valley City and Dickinson. While many factors influence the livability of a rural community, transit is an important contributor. For each of the two North... [More Info]
  • Posted: Dec 2, 2016
    A recent SURTC study evaluates the significance of transit ride quality. This study developed a low-cost smartphone-based method and associated data transformations to characterize ride quality. The method distinguished between vibrations induced from road unevenness and operator behavior. The authors... [More Info]
  • Posted: Dec 2, 2016
    SURTC has published its 2016 edition of the Rural Transit Fact Book. This publication is intended to serve as a national resource for statistics and information on rural transit in America. The Fact Book includes rural demographic and travel behavior data as well as financial, operating, and fleet statistics... [More Info]
  • Posted: Nov 21, 2016
    SURTC and the NDSU Office of Teaching and Learning have partnered to provide persons who have successfully completed TRANSIT I - The Foundations (formerly titled Principles of Transit Management) and TRANSIT II - The Pillars (formerly titled Advanced Transit Management) the designation of "Advanced Transit... [More Info]
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